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Cybersecurity in Canada

Survey of Cybersecurity in Canadian Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure

Only 60 per cent of respondents said their firm had a written cyber security program. Study leader Jean-Guy Rens, vice-president of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), which commissioned the report, said these results are “worrisome. Companies are aware of the problem, but they are very limited in what they deploy,” he said in an interview. “They don’t receive a lot of help from the government, and we end up with this result.” oward Solomon, "Cyber readiness of Canadian manufacturing sector ‘worrisome,’ says CATA VP", IT World Canada, November 28, 2019


The Other Computing

More than 72,000 people work in the field of embedded systems in Canada, according to a new Sciencetech report released today in partnership with CATAAlliance.

Embedded systems are the tip of a larger phenomenon that is the entrance of information technology in all industries. More and more everyday objects are being embedded with processors and sensors, connected to distant servers, creating tomorrow’s Internet of things.


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