Reflections on the Telecom Decade 1992-2002

Proceedings of the conference on “Convergence: Foolish expectations and dashed hopes” held in Montreal in November 2002. Excerpts from the panel: “Who helped create the euphoria?”. Published in 2003 by the Canadian Media Research Consortium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Which Local Service for Information Highway?

Bell Canada is in the midst of a process to redefine its local service. This upheaval is occurring against a backdrop of major technological shifts presiding over creation of the information highway. How can Bell redefine local service while building the information highway? ScienceTech has presented its opinion to the CRTC.

ScienceTech, February 1996


Countries of the Crescent

The next telecommunications revolution will take place in the Middle East and North Africa , a region that bas an abundance of natural resources (oil) and human resources. Member countries of the ARABSAT satellite system also enjoy the technological independence they need to undertake a growing list of ambitious projects. In addition, the number of fibre-optic links to Western Europe and the Pacific Rim is constantly increasing. The Middle East and North Africa -the cradle of civilization-are poised to become a major telecom hub.


Competition: the gold rush is over

Partners in telecommunications, Vol.4, No 1,
Magazine for Bell Employees in Quebec
January/ February, 1996

Everyone agrees that competition in the telecommunications industry is a success story. Long distance rates are dropping faster than expected and new services are being rolled out at lightning speed. And yet, all the players, including Bell, are experiencing financial problems. So just what is the outlook for competition?