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Jean Guy

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The Other Computing
Embedded systems are the tip of a larger phenomenon that is the entrance of information technology in all industries. More and more everyday objects are being embedded with processors and sensors, connected to distant servers, creating tomorrows Internet of things.

Todays manufacturing companies must insert intelligence into objects and into the whole human-made environment (buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams...), or disappear.

Read more of Jean-Guy's analysis in The Other Computing. Full text (PDF). 128 pages.

Report is now available for free.

Lautre informatique

The Other Computing
(Is Canada Ready for the Internet of Things?)

Sciencetech/CATA Editions | Publication date: november 2011
Pages: 126 | Language: English
Version: E-book (PDF Format)
ISBN: 978-2-9812174-2-4
Price: 110 $ + taxes
Availability: Available

Reflections on the Telecom Decade 1992-2002 - Canadian Media Research Consortium, Montreal, November 2002
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Countries of the Crescent - JEAN-GUY RENS Partners in telecommunications, Vol.4, No 4, Magazine for Bell Employees in Quebec September / October, 1996



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